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Sometimes link spam

June 16, 2010

Sometimes you just need a little motivation.

And sometimes you just want to waste time: Regency Hero and Regency Heroine flash dress-up dolls over at DeviantArt

And sometimes you have WAY too much time to waste: Lego Printer (Craig, do not try this at home!!!!!!!)

And sometimes you have to be really specific about what is acceptable behavior and what is not.


Space: the final link spam

June 15, 2010
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Sir Patrick!

NASA asked a super-interesting question: what is the average color of the universe?  They got a super-boring answer.

Hee hee hee.  I wonder if good movies have a common pattern: XKCD chart of character interactions over time in Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (original trilogy), Jurassic Park, 12 Angry Men, and Primer.

The worst Sci-fi/Fantasy book covers.

Ha ha ha ha … Aha ha ha ha ha.

June 14, 2010

World Cup: US v. England:  The tragedy … in Lego. via Andrew Sullivan

How did you like that, Vic?

Spice Bread Muffins

June 14, 2010

Not too much to write about here.  I just made some big spice bread muffins a bit ago, and thought the colors and textures that went into making them were nice, so here you go…

The dry ingredients for spice bread.

The "wet" ingredients for spice bread.

Mixing it all together.

The final product, including one REALLY large "muffin."

The Inner Light

June 14, 2010

One of my, and apparently the world’s, favorite Star Trek: TNG episodes is “The Inner Light”.  It is the beautiful, heart-breaking episode where Picard imagines living a lifetime among a doomed population.

This is not an uncommon trope in fic or pop culture (the kids from Narnia, poor Captain Picard, that stupid ep of Smallville), living a whole other usually VERY HAPPY life–induced by magic or Ancient tech or time travel–and then waking up to find yourself back in the past (though I can’t find it exactly at  When I come across these stories I can’t help but think, how awful, your whole life ( in Picard’s case, children and family) gone and there is no one else to remember it and mourn with you.  I would be in bed for months and need medication.

Though most things that happen in ST have little emotional continuity, Picard’s turn as husband and father is carried forward in later episodes and movies, represented as the flute he learned to play while hallucinating.  Here he is playing the beautiful theme song at the end of “The Inner Light:

Most touching, I think, is the way they use the emotional story in the episode “Lessons” when Picard is falling in love:

You can also listen to or download the mp3 of the duet here.

Another completely awesome way to listen to “The Inner Light”‘s completely awesome theme: the iPhone’s ocarina!

Link Spam 6

June 11, 2010

New Princess Movie (for boys?).  The animation in the new Disney 3-D Rapunzel movie looks really nice.

So, Craig, how can you get this job?

I want these coasters but I can’t sew.

Really? Great for Father’s Day?

June 11, 2010

I bought some micro-centrifuge tubes to make DNA necklaces with K-5 students at Kellogg Elementary’s Science Night so now I am on this medical supply company’s email list (the kids had a great time, BTW, extracting DNA from their cheek cells).  Usually the emails are ads for more lab supplies and such but today I got the following email:

Which do you want, Dad?

“Great gifts” for Father’s Day?  Really?  Parallel bars?