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Kitchen Work XXIII: Doors of All Sorts

July 1, 2010

Once the cabinets and counters were all installed, I finished finishing the cabinet doors, cleaned all the sawdust out of the cabinets and reinstalled the lazy susans and doors.

It was so much easier to find where I was starting to put things in the cabinets when they didn't have doors.

Rob (also formerly of Hare Brothers), who has previously done much construction/contracting/home-improvement-y type work has agreed to come and help me out sometimes when he is available.  The first project that he tackled was installing the back door in the kitchen.

The first step was to remove the old door.

Removing the kitchen back door.

After that we discovered for certain (we had already suspected) that the resulting hole was an inch or two too narrow and too short.  So that led to some demolition.

Rob knocking bricks out from around the door hole.

Luckily (and somewhat unexpectedly) the bricks seemed well attached to each other, so there was no collapsing or extra bricks falling out.  Once the door hole was finally wide enough, we fitted the new door in and shimmed it to vertical.

Yay! Now the back door fits.

Then Rob attached it to the wall, filled the gaps and installed the knob and lock.  The outside isn’t all nicely finished off, yet,…

It even opens!

…but I do have a pretty new back door in the kitchen.

A pretty, new back door.

I don’t know if you noticed all the exclamation points and surprise at things working out in this post, but I think that is what comes from expert assistance.  😀

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  1. September 24, 2010 1:37 pm

    What funny photos! I love all the pictures. It’s like watching HGTV.

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