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Kitchen Work XXII: Peninsula Counter

July 1, 2010

With the all of the base cabinets finally installed in the kitchen, it was time to finish up the counters, too.  The fact that it was on a peninsula didn’t change the installation process too much.

I brought the counters in…

The peninsula counter was much longer than the others.

…dry fit them, and cut them to length, just like last time (even if it was harder because it was much larger).

Cutting, clamping and cutting the counters.

At this point, though, I had to do things a little differently.  I put the counters back, figured out and marked where the sink would go, took them back off the cabinets and cut the hole for the sink.

Cutting the sink hole in the counter.

Once I had the sink hole, the rest of the counter installation was just like before.

Hey! The hole for the sink even came out right above the sink base cabinet!

Glue and bolt the miter joint together, glue build-up strips to the ends of the counter so end caps can be installed and sand them flush, bolt the counter to the cabinets with “L” brackets, and viola!

Once the counters were installed, I installed the sink…

An actual kitchen sink. It's been so long...

…and hooked up the drain (including a special vent because the sink is on a peninsula),…

Purple PVC primer!

…the supply and the faucet.

Not only a kitchen sink, but a sprayer, too!

(Of course I’m glossing over the bits where I had to make some trips to the Lowe’s because my PVC glue had dried out, the supply hoses I had didn’t fit my faucet and the dishwasher connector didn’t seal water-tight to the faucet, and the fact that I had to install the drain basket 3 different times before it stopped leaking.)  But now I have pretty much all the parts of a functional kitchen!

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