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Brad Schoener Memorial Run

June 21, 2010

Brad Schoener was a music teacher out in a suburb of Philadelphia, and was all by himself, quite the inspiring institution.  He also liked to run.  So, after he passed away unexpectedly a few years ago a memorial fund was started to provide music scholarships.  One of their fundraising events is a 5K fun run in the cemetery where he is buried, with former students of his playing at points around the course.  So, since it is within biking distance for me, last weekend I went and participated in it.

It is held in big, old cemetery.  There are lots of shady trees, and it was 5 or 10 degrees cooler than Memorial Day, which made for a much more comfortable run.  It was also a two loop run (or one loop walk) which, while it did make for a crowded second loop, also gave a preview of the last half of the course, which was fun.

So I had a really fast run: 17:52 (5:45 pace) and came in 2nd place (1st in my age group).

My first-in-age-group harmonica, finisher's mini-harmonica on the lanyard and run shirt.

Yay, what fun!

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