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the lake they call Michigan

June 9, 2010

On my way into MSU this afternoon for a meeting, I got a flat tire.  I was about a block from home so I called Dave out to help and emailed my colleague to cancel my meeting.  I was doing pretty well; it was raining, but not too hard, I got the jack and donut out of the car, got the lug nuts off, and starting jacking up the car.   Dave came out (with car!Pepsi’s, natch) and finished jacking up the car and tried to take the tire off.

That did not work.  We called Craig.  He said to kick it hard on one side over and over.  That did not work.  It rained some more.

Craig emailed me my AAA number  (Dave lost my card with his wallet–a story for another time).  We unjack the car and get inside to stay out of the rain.  Dave headed back home to put on some more Caladryl (another story for another time) and came back.  AAA guy comes, jacks up the car with his super-awesome-mega jack, kicks the tire on one side over and over.  That did not work.  He pulls out a 5′ long steel pole and pries the tire off.  That did work.  He put on the donut.

This all took about an hour and a half.  After my meeting we were going to go to the LCC bookstore to get Dave’s summer session books so we went there before getting the tire changed in case they closed.  He’s taking Mythology and Fundamentals of Public Speaking.  They have textbooks for Public Speaking–with Bono on the cover; I did not know this.

Anywho, then we headed off to Sam’s Club to get the tire changed and look what they had:

Party on the Lake they call Michigan!

It’s a party raft with Pepsi holders and mini-slide!  Again, with Dave for scale.  We are definitely looking forward to Craig coming and going to “the lake they call Michigan” and renting some sort of raft.  So, hurry up there, Honey!

(Oh, and Craig, while we were picking up some Orange Juice look what we saw:

In a BIG bottle!


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  1. Craig Douglas permalink*
    June 9, 2010 9:49 am

    Oooh, blue juice!

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