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Kitchen Work XVIII: Beginning the Base Cabinets

June 8, 2010

After the wall cabinets were up in the kitchen I got to start in on the base cabinets.  At first (hauling them into the kitchen, getting the doors and drawers taken off and staining them) it was boringly exactly like the wall cabinets.  So I didn’t feel the need to inundate you with photos of the process.  In the past week, however, I’ve gotten started on their actual installation and that is new, so here you go.

Between the fridge and the stove there are only 3 base cabinets: 1 corner and a cabinet on each side of it.  I decided that I’d start with that section, going clear up to the counter top to test out my understanding of the process.  My corner cabinets aren’t full depth and don’t go clear back to the wall like the regular base cabinets do.  This left me in a bit of a quandary as all the instructions I’ve found online say to attach the corner cabinet to the wall first, then work out from there.  Since my corner cabinet never reaches the wall that won’t really work.  So I hooked all 3 of my test cabinets together out in the middle of the kitchen floor then moved them into place as a single unit.

Into the corner go the cabinets.

Once they were snugly in place, it was time to attempt to level them.  While the gap behind the corner cabinet does do distressingly interesting things to the lining up and placement of the cabinets, it actually is rather helpful for shimming them up to level.  It’s much easier to insert shims under the back of the cabinets than if they were all flush to the wall–that is not to say that it is actually easy, just easier.

Into the cabinets I go.

So, I spent quite a lot of time crawling in and out of the little gap in the corner of the cabinets and pounding shims under all sides and checking the level every which way.  And of course I finally just gave up and decided that it’s as good as it’s going to get.  Which definitely is better than when they were just sitting on the floor, but still not quite level.  After that I was ready to start playing with the counter tops.

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  1. June 8, 2010 4:16 pm

    Wow, when you said they didn’t go all the way to the wall, I had no idea you meant you could crouch down behind them!

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