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Kitchen Work XVII: Installing Cabinets on the Longer Wall

May 26, 2010

Once I got the longer wall of cabinets all hooked together and straightened out and such, I realized that they were much too long, awkward and heavy for my to put up by myself.  So I asked Tom, the pressman from Hare Brothers, if he would be willing to stop by and help me put them up after work sometime.  And he was!  So, Monday I finished putting the cleats on the wall and cleared as much of the stuff out of the kitchen as I could.

He showed up, I grabbed my camera, he made fun of me for all the pictures I take, and we put the cabinets up.

Attempt 1 at hanging the wall cabinets.

And they didn’t fit.  The left end was hooking into the wall cleats nicely, but by the time it got to the right side, the cabinets were so far away from the wall the cleats weren’t engaging each other at all.  So we looked at it and thought about it and peered into the gap between the wall and cabinet.

If only I could see what the problem was here...

Finally we decided it must be that I hadn’t gotten the gaps between the wall cleats were the cabinets had to rest directly on the walls in quite the right places.  So we took the cabinets down and I cut the gaps wider.  And up the cabinets went again.

Take 2...

And the cleats still didn’t engage on the right end.  They came closer, but still no dice.  So after some more head-scratching and trying to peer between the cabinets and the wall, we decided that perhaps the end of the cleat was too close to the cabinets that were already hanging up there.  So down they came again.  I cut the end off that cleat, and the 3rd time was, in fact, the charm.  This time the cleats engaged and the wall cabinets were hung!  It’s pretty exciting for me.  I’ve even started putting food in them.

The first food item to go in the cabinets.

Well, thank you very much Tom.  I couldn’t have done it without you, and I really appreciate your help.

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  1. May 4, 2017 8:15 am

    I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enhlratling!

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