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Kitchen Work XIV: Painting the Walls

May 5, 2010

Once I finally finished sealing the ceiling, it was time to paint the walls in the kitchen.  The first step was to tape off the ceiling and floor.  With the exposed beams on the ceiling that wasn’t an inconsiderable task.

Well, there goes a roll of masking tape. 🙂

Once the tape was down, the painting itself was pretty straight-forward.

Painting the kitchen walls.

The primer beaded up on and didn’t cover my polyurethane dribbles from the ceiling, so I did have to hit those spots with sandpaper, then put on a second coat of primer.

I had a bit of tweaking to do to the 2 pieces of paneling that I put up after painting them (so that there would be paint behind the radiator).  A fair bit of rubble fell off the old lathe and plaster wall and piled up behind the radiator between their fitting and final installation.  Unfortunately, my shop-vac couldn’t reach back there (none of the attachments were narrow/long enough, and even the hose itself was too thick).  But never fear, Craig, the improviser was here!

"Craig-rigged" ((C) Jennifer and Dave) shop-vac attachment.

I managed to make a new attachment with a plastic tube from a computer chair support cover, an electrical junction box, 10 gauge wire and the liberal use of duct tape.  It doesn’t work as well as a professionally made attachment, but it did get the job done.  Also, for some reason the panels  seem to have grown a bit since I cut and fitted them to their holes.  But after several trips to the basement with them to cut slivers off their edges, they are installed.  So, I was finally able to take up the ugly, dirty plastic from the floor and I have my nice, pretty new floor back.  I even installed the outlet and switch plates.

Kitchen walls all painted and cover plated.

Its actually looking like I’m making progress again!


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