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Kitchen Work XII: Finishing the Walls and Ceiling Attempt I

April 12, 2010

My next super-big and exciting goal is to get the cabinets installed in the kitchen.  Unfortunately the kitchen isn’t ready for them yet.  Before I can put up the cabinets I have to finish the walls, and while I could do it before I seal the ceiling, that’d be pretty stupid (with the cabinets in the way of the ladder and drips all over the cabinets…).  So, the walls and ceiling have been my big push over the last week.

I got my paneling template making tools all found and organized, cleared a workspace and got started.

Paneling measured, cut, glued and all ready to go up.

And only once I got the first piece cut and placed and was ready to move on to the second piece did I realize that the old electrical wires strung all throughout the kitchen go through were I need to put paneling up.

Out with the old!

Now, I really don’t know where all these wires go to, but I do know they are still important.  When we first took down the ceiling in the kitchen and removed the existing lighting, I thought, “Ooh, I can get rid of all those unsightly wires up there, too!”  And so I turned off the power in the house, and lopped off the 3 wires that come up out of the basement.  Then I turned the electricity back on so Dave and I could use a lamp to see and take down the rest.  That is when I learned that the power for the entire second floor somehow runs through the ceiling of the kitchen.  Handy, that, so then I got to spend an hour or so playing musical wires and running down to the basement to turn the power on and off until I found the right combination that repowered the second floor.

So, in order to finish the walls in the kitchen so that I can install the cabinets, I first had to permanently shut off all the old electricity in the house.


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