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Jennifer’s Visit

March 31, 2010

Last week Jennifer made a whirlwind tour of the state of the house and the eating establishments of Philadelphia.  Just as an aside (only for full disclosure, and not because of any import to or bearing on her visit here) there were two national conferences for science teachers in Philadelphia last week.

We rented a car for her week here, so I got to make some sizable trips to the Lowe’s and now have, among other things, a new back door for the house.  It’s not installed yet, but I foresee some fun pictures for you when I do that show the light of day coming in around the old back door.  I was also poked and prodded into finally posting the pictures of the kitchen floor for you all as well as schooled in proper comment-response etiquette.

But, the REALLY important thing was the eating.  Jennifer made her list early, considered it well, and I believe that we got to all of it.  Since she arrived on St. Patrick’s Day, I made corned beef with cabbage that night.  We went to Bertucci’s, of course (I love their baked chicken and tortellini gratinati; I wish I could buy it in bulk and keep a freezer full of just it).  We got Trader Joe’s macaroni and cheese (on second thought maybe I could keep some of that in my dream freezer as well).  We got chicken pad thai from the Pattaya Restaurant and pizza from Pasqually’s to go.  Jennifer had a cheese steak for lunch one day, and we got together with Lori and Racquel for dinner at the Marathon Grill with dessert at Capogiro.

Sorry for the photo quality, I forgot the camera and had to use my cell phone. (And incidentally, even in the blurry cell phone picture, Racquel, who claims that bad pictures of her do get taken, is surrounded by a nimbus of light almost as if she's wearing a halo.)

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