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Bulk Freight Carrier: Temporary Upgrades, Another Triumph and Another Failure

March 15, 2010

While Dave was visiting last week I did a lot of riding about to hardware stores.  I went to the Home Depot and bought the flooring and counter tops for the kitchen, rented a truck and brought them home then returned the truck and rode to the Lowe’s.  There I converted our cabinet list (that we had made a long time ago online) to the brand of cabinets available at the Lowe’s (the sizes of a couple of the cabinets were different, so a few things changed and shifted), made up a list and purchased the cabinets, but it was too late to rent a truck that night.

So I rode home and the next morning Dave and I took the bus to the Lowe’s to pick up and bring the cabinets home.  I realized that I’d forgotten to get the lights for the kitchen when I was at the Home Depot (there wasn’t anything near enough to what we wanted at the Lowe’s), so we planned to rush home, unload the truck as quickly as possible, then use it to go to the Home Depot (sacrilegious, I know) and get the lights.  Of course they only started getting the cabinets down and together for me after I got there (some of them were on the shelves about 30 feet up), and once they did get them all assembled and to the front and we checked them against my receipt, 3 of them were wrong.  So Dave and I were there (and at the Shop Rite and at the GameStop once we got tired of waiting in the Lowe’s) for about 3 hours.

But we did finally get all the cabinets and get the truck rented and loaded up and head for home.

The Lowe's truck chock full of cabinets.

We were able to get the cabinets all unloaded quickly enough…

The dining and living rooms chock full of cabinets.

…that I decided to try for the Home Depot trip as well.  That trip went smoothly (the Lowe’s truck didn’t jerk the steering wheel out of my hands and try to ram the Home Depot and the Home Depot didn’t flatten the tires on the Lowe’s truck while I was inside), and Dave met me on the corner to exchange my bicycle for the light fixtures as I continued on to the Lowe’s to return the truck.  I got it all checked back in and only had to pay for an extra 15 minutes on the truck, so not too bad.

As part of the preparation for installing the floor, I had to patch a couple of spots where the sub-floor was starting to fall apart.  And that meant I needed some more plywood.  And of course I didn’t schedule that to correspond to any of my truck rentals so I got to bring it home on my bicycle.  So I headed off to the Lowe’s with some rope and the sincere hope that since I was going to be getting a 4′ by 4′ piece this time that I’d be able to arrange it so I could ride my bicycle home.  When I got to the Lowe’s I realized that I’d forgotten to put the bungy cord on my bulk freight cargo hold and the bag that sits on my little plywood platform was lost.  While it wasn’t necessary for this trip, it is still a bit of a setback for my existence here.  But I went ahead and purchased my plywood and got it strapped to the bike.  I made it home with no problems, but sure am glad that it wasn’t windy that day!

Wind biking through the city, anyone?

So, largely successful bulk freight transportation throughout the week, and I’ve ordered a new bag to replace the lost one.

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  1. March 15, 2010 4:58 pm

    Very nice picture of the truck and… other things there, honey!

    I bet when Danny bought us that bulk freighter he never imagined the life it would have.

  2. March 15, 2010 5:53 pm

    Oh, wind biking! That is just awesome.

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