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Electrical Work XIV: Conduit Fishing

February 25, 2010

With Katie and Dave’s discovery that wires can just be pushed through conduit with no need to use the fishing tape most of the time, a whole new vista of available work opened up to me.  Add in Jennifer’s suggestion to not measure and cut the wire before hand, just shove it in and cut to length after it pops out the other end, and I was able to make quite fast progress.

The first day post-help I got the wires for the 3 circuits that go straight to the attic with no stops before fished through the conduit.  It was a big, huge, long, but uncomplicated run, and it went perfectly.

Thus enheartened, I tackled a much more complicated circuit the next day.  Unfortunately, I had made modifications to the circuit after I printed out my wiring maps and hadn’t drawn out the changes on the map as extensively or exactingly as perhaps I should.  So, I miscut and misdirected a few wires.  Fortunately, I figured it out pretty quickly and was able to repurpose those wires for other circuits and leave them in place, just relabel them.  So I finished up that circuit and decided that I was tired of having to shut of all the electricity every time I wanted to fish a few wires, and did every remaining circuit’s first wire out of the breaker box.  Now the breaker box is starting to look like it’ll get some real use.

Life is like a breaker box full of wires. Some are black, some are white and some are green. I guess that analogy doesn't really work, does it?

The day after that, I didn’t have to shut off the electricity, so no resetting the alarm clock, microwave clock and stove clock, but I got to push wires anyway.  Yay!  That day I got all the remaining wires whose conduit was ready pushed or fished (I only had to use the fishing tape on a couple of runs, which was really nice). It’s starting to look a bit like springtime in the basement with wires springing out everywhere.

They're popping out of the conduit. Like daisies.

Now I’ve just got 2 circuits, and short ones at that (get it, short circuits?), that I have to fish all the conduit wire for and 2 that I have to fish portions of the conduit wire for.

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