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Electrical Work XIII: Familial Assistance

February 25, 2010

Last weekend Katie and Dave came to help me out with my conduit fishing.

Ah, help from the family…it really brings me back.  If it was only summer time, I could almost imagine this to be a summer trip to Berry Hill.  Getting together with relatives you haven’t seen in a while.  We even had a gift giving (I’d been forgetting to give Katie her Christmas present),…

Aluminum foil, copper wire and black metal spray paint; can't you tell I scoured the entire city for wrapping supplies?

…some good food (stew I’d been simmering since the night before), and a shopping trip.  So, just like Berry Hill, it wasn’t all work.

After getting ourselves oriented to my conduit map,…

If only it were magic markers not sharpies, and dealing with sports training not electrical work I could imagine Dad making this. Hmm...I seem to be getting a little nostalgic here, don't I?

…and familiarizing ourselves with my wire labels…

Always exactingly accurate and never, ever needing correcting.

…we cut the power and got to work.

Power out, fishing tape in.

Katie and Dave fished the pre-cut wires, while I measured and cut more wires for them.  And Katie and Dave made a monumental discovery.  When using a metal fishing tape you really should turn the electricity off first.

Dave with the fishing tape.

No, that wasn’t it.  We already new that and acted accordingly.  Let me see…  It helps to be tall if you’re fishing wire in conduit installed at about 7 feet.

Conduit located just for your fishing convenience.

No…though true, that wasn’t it either.  Ah, here it is:  When fishing in conduit without too many bends, you don’t need to use the fishing tape, you can just push the wires in, taping the leading ends together if necessary.

Pushing wires without fishing tape.

Not, perhaps, as funny as the other things we know about conduit fishing, but immensely useful.  It meant that even though we only got the hot and neutral wires for 1.5 circuits fished and the grounding wires for nearly all the conduit I was now able to hope I could complete the project on my own.

So: good times, we got some good work in and some hope for the future.  Thank you very much, Katie and Dave.

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