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Electrical Work XII: Preparing for Help

February 25, 2010

Katie and Dave came to give me a hand (or 4) with fishing wires through my conduit last weekend.  After my first circuit fished through conduit, I decided I really needed help with that, and they were good enough to offer their assistance.  Since they were only going to be able to help out for one day, I really needed to try to get everything prepared for  their arrival.

First, I wanted to get all of the conduit finished up.  I hurried and finished up the cutting and bending for the conduit that would go in the kitchen, then spray painted it black.

Fume-y, but necessary.

I got two coats on, and in general it looks good.  But there are still some spots that have streaks of conduit showing through, so it’s going to need additional coating and didn’t get installed before the weekend.

While it was drying, I went to get as much wire measured, cut and taped up to its respective conduits as possible.

Measuring once and cutting twice is a good thing.

I measured each run of wire needed by clamping my measuring tape to the conduit at ends and corners.  Then I clamped the ends of whatever colors and gauges of wires I’d need for that run into my handy table clamp, latched the tape to the clamp, measured out enough for the ends to stick appropriately far out of the terminal junction boxes, and lopped the wires all off.

The table clamp to hold the ends with and my home-made wire-spool-holder that you can see in the picture above were huge time savers.  But I was still only able to get about 1.5 circuits worth of wires done out of the 13 remaining un-fished circuits.  I worried that we wouldn’t get enough work done while my 4 helping hands were here, and that I wouldn’t be able to do any more on my own, but (as I know now) it all worked out in the long run.

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