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Electrical Work XI: The Long Wall Fish

February 23, 2010

~February 11, 2010~

With the way prepared it was time to start fishing cables from the basement to the attic.  This is how one reaches the attic crawl space.

This really is quite a stable and sturdy pose.

And this is how one reaches the plumbing soil stack in the attic from which the fishing adventure would begin.

Not easy, but so much better than without plywood.

Here is the work area.

Top of the soil stack in the attic crawl space.

And this is what the cables would have to go through.

Down the soil stack.

After a bit of fishing the tape down, peering down the stack, estimating and figuring, I determined that the bottom that you can see in the above picture is the floor of the second story.  So, of course, I got to go cut a hole in the wall.

Wait, does this wall not have a big, gaping hole in it? I know how to fix that!

And I discovered that my calculations were, in fact, correct and these floorboards extended past the wall clear over to the big huge pipe.

Now that's what a wall should look like!

So, once again, I got to operate a hand tool in a too-small space.

Cutting through the floor for a space to fish the cables.

Now I was able to fish the tape all the way down to the basement and (after some more hand-sawing in too-small spaces) pull it out of the ceiling and attache the cables to it.

Cables all hooked up and ready for a trip to the attic.

I fished them to the new gaping hole in the second floor…

"Are we there, yet?"

…and from there, on up to the attic without too much trouble.

There at last!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s by no stretch of the imagination easy to fish cables when you are laying flat on your stomach, with your hands above your head and only able to pull a maximum of 6 inches of cable with each titanic heave…but no major snafus.  The first set that I fished was three cables: one of each type that I had, so I just put their coils on the floor in the basement, fished up from those and cut them to length when I was all done fishing.

Then I fished the tape back to the basement for the second and final set.  It was four cables of just two different types, so I had to cut them to length before I fished them up.  I’m not sure if it was just that the combined thickness was greater, that there were already cables fished up that hole, that the cables weren’t as tidily coiled in the basement or some huge, multiplicative combination of all, but this run was MUCH harder to pull.  I kept having to run (and slither) back and forth between the basement, the second floor and the attic, but I did finally get them all the way up there.

I installed a junction box up there where a couple of them will split and go different directions (and to anchor the cables up there until I get them properly installed where they all go).

I do NOT want those falling back down the hole.

And labeled the cables with a book of electrician’s stickers that Lori’s dad (the retired electrician) had recommended I use.

Now I even know which ones are which.

And it even looks like the cables I had to estimate lengths for and cut before the fishing should reach their intended destinations with no problems.

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