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Electrical Work IX: Table Clamp

February 19, 2010

~February 9, 2010~

With my first circuit worth of conduit installed and wire fished and the last few junction box locations divined, it was time to get down to serious conduit installation.

Here a conduit, there a conduit...

It has gone really well, but I did learn one thing about my conduit bender.  It doesn’t make two bends in close proximity very well, and it does an even worse job if those two bends are non-coplanar (ah, I love math jargon).  So, I would need to finally install my table clamp.

Long ago, when I was at Hare Brothers looking for something up in their attic-like paper storage room, I found an old table clamp lying on the shelf.  I brought it down and asked Steve if I could buy it from him.  He said I could just have it, so I brought it home.  I bought some monster lag screws to install it with, but never got around to actually mounting it.  It is designed for a table much thicker than the one I have in the basement to mount it to.  Also, it has some weird bumps on it where they would be in contact with the bottom of the table.  So it took a couple of hours to get some pieces of wood cut down to the right width with notches routed out of them for the bumps and holes drilled for the lag screws.

It doesn't look like that much work.

But I finally got it all installed and WD-40’ed.

My brandy-new, but older than old table clamp.

My brandy-new, but older than old table clamp.

And I love it.  It has a really large clamping surface, a huge jaw depth and let me tell you, you can really crank something in there.  Plus it has the option of an infinitely expandable jaw depth (with an infinitely long table and a small addition).  It’s designed more for wood work and gluing, but I’ve found it to be a conduit saver in several instances already.

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  1. Jennifer permalink*
    February 19, 2010 9:18 pm

    Wow, that is a monster. How does it not tip the table over?


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