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Electrical Work VI: Conduit Bending, Cutting and Installing

February 16, 2010

~January 31, 2010~

Now that the new breaker box was installed, and the power company had come out and fixed our line problem so that the breaker box was working properly, too, it was time to start installing conduit. I wanted to do as much of a sample run as I could to try everything out, before I just dove full-sail into installing all the conduit.  The dryer has its own circuit all to itself and sits about 5 feet from the breaker box, so it was nominated.  I brought the conduit, conduit bender and conduit cutter downstairs and started measuring and guessing about where to start bending conduit.

Conduit ready to be bent.

Conduit being bent.

It turns out that I estimated about an inch short of where I should have started bending.  But the fittings for the conduit have enough give, and the conduit itself has just enough flexibility that I was still able to use the first piece I bent.  Because there is a doorway and a corner between the breaker box and the dryer, it took a whole piece of conduit plus a little bit.

The first piece of conduit, bent and ready to install.

So I got the first piece in place and fastened to the ceiling and measured, bent and cut the second piece.  My conduit cutter makes quite a deep score around the conduit,…

Cutting electrical conduit.

…then you stand on it…

The breaking of the conduit.

…and bend it until it breaks.

Hey, this is kind of fun.

The two big selling points on its packaging are that it causes no burring and that you can safely cut conduit that has wires in it.  Because you have to break the conduit the cutter doesn’t work when you get too close to the end of a piece so I have had to hack saw a few pieces, and that makes quite a mess of the end of the conduit that you have to clean up with files so the wires don’t get damaged.  So, the point about no causing burring is definitely true and very useful.  I can also completely imagine that you could safely cut conduit that has wire in it.  However, for the life of me, I can’t think of a single useful thing that doing that would get you.  Oh, well, it works well for what I need.

So, here it is, my first circuit-worth of conduit installed, complete with a junction box on the end.

First conduit run completely installed.

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  1. Katie permalink
    February 16, 2010 4:30 pm

    I am SO impressed. You have my complete awe and admiration.


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