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Italian Market

February 15, 2010
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Last Saturday I needed to go grocery shopping (to make stew), and I also wanted to get a mechanical egg beater and a potato masher.  I googled where to find kitchen shops and they are all quite far from here.  So, I decided that I would go to the one at the Italian Market and see if I couldn’t get my groceries there as well.  There are several butcher shops I could get the beef at, and one produce store that I figured would be open even though it tends to use quite a bit of sidewalk space too when the street market is going.

I took the Blue Line to the Orange Line, then walked from 15th to the Market at 9th.  When I was climbing up to the Blue Line stop, the police  had the next block of 52nd Street closed off and there were two huge front loaders scooping snow up into dump trucks.

Snow removal on 52nd Street.

Here is another front loader that had pulled off the road in front of my house to let traffic by the night before.

It didn't remove any snow, but it did park there for a couple minutes.

It was a bit slippery walking in spots, and one building had caution tape all along it with signs saying “Beware of Falling Ice,” but I made it to the Italian Market just fine.  And to my astonishment, the street market was going nearly full blast (I think it might have been 1 block shorter).  The produce stands were all set up on one side of the road and the snow all piled on the other.

The Italian Market the week after 42 inches of snow fell.

Snow and produce at the Italian Market.

The vendors had fire barrels going to warm up at, but that was the only concession I saw to all the snow.

Keeping warm at the Italian Market in February.

So I picked out my kitchen tools, bought my beef (they even cut it into cubes for me)  and was able to find plenty of veggies, too.


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