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Electrical Work IV: The Shopping Trip

February 12, 2010

~January 20, 2010~

So, back from Christmas, done with the bathroom for the time being, it was time to plunge into the electricity.  I took my calculations I’d done before Christmas, did some more calculations and tabulations and condensed it all down to a shopping list.

The shopping list for electrical supplies.

With this plus my already compiled list for electrical tools, I was ready to go shopping.  Since conduit comes in 10 foot lengths and I was going to be getting 42 pieces of it (in case you’re actually checking against the list above, I found a few errors in my calculations after I went shopping, but before I made this picture), I needed to rent a truck from the Lowe’s to get it all home.  Unfortunately Lowe’s requires your proof-of-auto-insurance card before they’ll rent you a truck, that compounded with the car being in Michigan meant no truck for Craig. 😦  But, Lori and Justin came to the rescue (Justin came to be the driver when I rented the truck, and Lori let him 😉 ).

I twisted my ankle the morning we scheduled the big shopping trip, so didn’t ride my bike down to the Lowe’s, but was able to catch a bus and still make it there.  We timed it nearly perfectly with Justin arriving when I was about half way checked out (not an inconsiderable process with that much stuff).

Then we rented the truck, loaded it all up, started our time on the truck and took it all home.  The conduit was bulky, but not too heavy, the wire a bit heavy, but not too bulky; so it wasn’t difficult to get it all unloaded.  We only had the truck checked out for about 30 minutes with round trip, unloading and all.  All in all, a very successful trip, thanks so much to Justin.

What nearly $1300 worth of electrical supplies looks like (part I).

What nearly $1300 worth of electrical supplies looks like (part II).

The new breaker box openned up so you can see it.


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