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Bathroom Work III

February 12, 2010

~January 15, 2010~

When I returned to Philadelphia and housework from my Christmas vacation, one of the first things I did was finish up the trim in the bathroom.  I brought the painted (and now very dried) trim back up to the bathroom and laid it out in order.

I was smart enough to number it before I took it downstairs to paint.

And then nailed it into place.

Bathroom trim all installed.

The house next door has been getting a lot of work done to it (they completely gutted it and are building it back up).  Recently they’ve been doing a lot of work upstairs and it has started to seem rather inappropriate that I have no curtain in the bathroom.  So (on the day that I re-twisted my ankle) I went to the Lowe’s and got a curtain rod.

Notice the box of bandaids placed in a location of eminent accessibility on the back of the toilet.

Now I just have to re-caulk the bathtub and I think that the bathroom is complete until I put in the new electricity.

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