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Snow II

February 11, 2010

Tuesday evening I decided that I should make a quick trip to Lowe’s to return my fishing tape which almost broke in two after only two uses; and since I was out stop by Hare Brothers as well.  When I was about a half a block from Hare Brothers I flipped my bike and spread-eagled in the middle of the road (more on that in a later post).  Steve asked me where I had biffed it and commiserated about that hill ending up saying that its getting to be like Buffalo here what with all the snow.  My bike’s wheel was all bent out of shape from “the incident” and so I left to carry it to Firehouse Bicycles to get it fixed.  As I was heading out the door a customer was coming in and said something about getting my bike home before the snow.  I just nodded and went on my way figuring he thought I’d had my bike stuck there during the weekend’s snow storm.  It wasn’t until I was about half way to the bike shop that it occurred to me that both Steve and his customer had made statements that could be interpreted to imply that more snow was on the way.  So, at Firehouse Bicycles, the guy took a look at my bike and said it needed a new wheel and would I like to pick it up tonight in an hour or so.  I told him that would be great if they had the time.  His response was that well, they may not be open tomorrow, you know?  I agreed sagely and rushed home to check the weather forecast while waiting for my bike.

And, yes, it was going to snow.

So, I went back, got my bike and made the trip to Lowe’s (that I had planned on postponing when I wrecked my bike) and added in a stop at the grocery store.  When I came out of the Lowe’s and went into the grocery store I was starting to feel a speck or two of precipitation.  By the time I came out of the grocery store, it was definitely snowing.  The roads had been cleared of the last storm’s snow, so they were wet and it didn’t start sticking to them before I got home.

It snowed all the next day (yesterday/ Wednesday) and I shoveled 3 times and it was still snowing.

Well, the tree should have plenty of water when the snow all melts.

Hmm…this looks somewhat familiar,…

Snow in the back yard.

…but it was taken yesterday evening, not last weekend, and it was still snowing.  I used a slow shutter speed (it’s amazingly bright here at night when its snowy).  Here is a flash picture taken at the same time.

Yes, its still coming down. Again.

So it finally did stop snowing last night and I got to shovel once more this morning.  We got a reported 14 additional inches of snow this time.

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