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February 11, 2010

So, I took this first picture quite a long time ago.  I cut my hand on something odd (think it might have been cardboard I peeled off the basement ceiling, but can’t remember for sure).  And I realized 2 things.  First, booboos don’t hurt as bad when you have fun bandaids to put on them.

It just doesn't hurt as bad anymore.

Second, and unfortunately, fun bandaids just don’t age or stick as well as regular cloth bandaids.  But, I was running behind on my posts and so never got around to posting about it.  Recently, however, I’ve been getting quite a few booboos, so thought I’d go ahead and show you this one, too.

The morning that I went to do my big, huge electrical shopping trip, about 3 weeks ago, I went out for a run and promptly sprained my ankle.  Luckily I was only about half a block from home.  So I sat down for a while and just let it hurt.  Then I got up and hobbled back home.  I got an ice bag together to put on it, and was about to take my shoe off when I realized that I’d want to go buy an Ace elastic bandage before my shopping trip and didn’t want to take my shoe off more than once.  So I hobbled down to the drug store a block away, got the bandage and hobbled back, then iced my ankle.  The bandage irritated the sole of my foot, so I didn’t wear it much, but I managed to catch the bus to the Lowe’s and get my shopping done.  I did get some pretty bruises all over my foot, but forgot to take pictures for you.

My ankle gradually got better, and a week or two ago I was able to start running again (I think running in the snow was my third time running again.)  So, Monday, I decided to run some errands (literally, I was going out to do them on a run).  On my way to the post office to mail Jennifer’s Valentine present (about 4 blocks away) I rolled my bad ankle in some snow that was left on the sidewalk.  It wasn’t too bad, though, so I just walked for a few seconds then was able to jog the rest of the way to the post office.  Then I continued on my run heading for the Lowe’s.  And just as I got as far away from home as I was going to get, I rolled my ankle on the snowy sidewalk again.  This time was pretty bad, though nothing like the original sprain.  I stood there on one foot for a minute or so, then hobbled along for another minute or so before I was able to start walking fairly normally.  At this point I gave up on running, but continued walking on to the Lowe’s since it was on the way home and added in a grocery stop as well.  I’m beginning to think that twisting my ankle has a pretty strong correlation with my doing electrical work (this one came in the middle of a big conduit bending, cutting and installating push).  In fact its been years since I hurt my ankle when I wasn’t doing electrical work at the time.  (We’ll just totally ignore how long its been since I’ve hurt my ankle at all. 🙂 )

So, during my first big conduit installation (Tuesday morning), I hurt my hand.  I had a piece of conduit cut down, and slipped in (but not fastened) to the fitting on one end of it and was checking its length against a junction box at the other end of it.  I needed to take it back out to install the second fitting, but it had become bound in the initial fitting.  So I was tugging with all my might on the loose end of the conduit about 1/2 inch from its junction box when it finally popped free and pinched the side of my hand to the junction box.  It hurt really bad, and bled like a head wound.

Conduit and junction box, meet hand.

It still hurts and has a pretty sizable knot underneath the scab.

Since my hand was hurting I decided to stop working early and ride to Hare Brothers and then stop by the Lowe’s.  Just about 1/2 block before I got to Hare Brothers, I got in a fight with the trolley tracks.  And let me tell you, when a man and a bike get in a fight with trolley tracks, the tracks never lose.  The best you can hope for is a draw, but that wasn’t what I got this time.  I was riding down the slight hill outside the trolley tracks and next to a berm of plowed snow.  Then the berm of snow suddenly wandered clear over to the tracks.  So I hoped my bike over to ride between the tracks, and once I passed the snow pile, hopped back to the side of the road.  Unfortunately only my front tire made it safely over the rail.  The back wheel got caught skidding down the rail.  So there I was, unbalancing, with my back wheel sliding straight down the road, and my front wheel getting ever further from the tracks and me starting to turn sideways.  I don’t know if I just got too unbalanced or if my front wheel hit the snow berm, or what, but I ended up face down sliding down the road under my bike.  I got up and brushed myself off (my cotton knit gloves had snow in them, so maybe my hands landed in the snow berm and that’s why they didn’t get hurt), assured all of my audience that I was alright, and walked down to Hare Brothers.  After getting my bike fixed I made a grocery run to stock up before the next big snow storm that was scheduled for that night.  I decided one of the things I’d ought to get was bandaids. 🙂  So, when I got home after all that, I took stock of my injuries.  My left hip took the brunt of the fall with a nice big scrape and bruise.

Hip vs. road underneath a bicycle.

My fall didn’t initiate any damage to my hands, but my conduit cut started bleeding again.

It started bleeding again.

I also scraped the outside of my left knee, and bruised the back of it where the bike landed on it.

Knee vs. road underneath a bicycle.

I hadn’t even realized it until after I’d been home for a while and my elbow stuck to my knee while I was leaning on it that my left elbow had gotten a scrape, too.

Elbow vs. road underneath a bicycle.

And the last thing I got courtesy of the bike, trolley tracks and finally road was a stiff neck.

With all of the conduit installation I’ve been doing I’ve also acquired a number of small booboos.  I have nicks and scrapes all over my hands from using hand tools in tight enclosed spaces or next to walls or beams.  My wrists are pretty sore from all the screws I’ve been driving into various media.  So yesterday (the day after the conduit and bike booboos/Wednesday), while I was shoveling snow from our second storm, I managed to twist my left wrist.  It wasn’t too bad.  I just stood there for a little bit looking at it, more in disbelief than pain, then switched sides with the shoveling.

Also yesterday (Wednesday), I started crawling across plywood in the attic crawl space (more on that in a later post).  I didn’t notice any real problems, but it was pretty tiring.  This morning however, I discovered a lot of sore muscles in my shoulders and arms.  The whole front of my ribcage is also bruised, though there aren’t any pretty colors, so no pictures for you.

So, to recap, the yellow circle I hurt while running (3 separate times).  The red circles are the booboos I got from my bike accident.  And the blue circles are the assorted scrapes, bruises, cuts and such from the house work I’ve been doing.

Where I hurt.

So, I’ve promised myself that this will be a one time post, with the tag “booboos” never to be used again.  Of course I started planning this post and made that promise to myself before I received all the ouchies that I’ve cataloged here, so who knows.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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