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van Deurs Christmas I

February 9, 2010

~December 25, 2009~

The van Deurs have 3 precious puppies of their own, and a 4th came visiting for Christmas with Dan.

A younger Flash.

A wee, baby Comet.

Sorry, Honeybug, I don't have any glamor shots from your younger days.

And the visiting Brutus.

Now they are all nice dogs, but there does seem to be a critical mass, and especially with the excitement of Christmas in the air, they can get a bit rowdy.  So, I figured I’d give the family the gift of tired, more mellow dogs for Christmas.  I borrowed some leashes and leads from my mom and showed up at the van Deurs’ a bit early for a Christmas morning run.  Everybody got hooked up, I got a couple plastic bags in case anyone had any business they’d need to take care of out there and we set out.

And we're off!

Now the van Deurs native dogs really aren’t leash trained, and especially not for group running, so we had an interesting first few minutes.  I managed (just barely) not to fall down, but Comet did once before we all got it figured out that it would be best if all the dogs were on the same side of me.  We jogged down to the park where Brutus slipped his collar and took care of some business.  Now Brutus is the only one that isn’t a native of M-F, and he’s a bit of an expensive purebred.  So of course I’m in a bit of a panic, but he’s also the smallest, probably slowest and definitely most responsive to commands.  So, luckily getting him back in his collar was no problem.  He slipped his collar once more before we left the park, still on our way out for some more running, but he didn’t seem at all interested in leaving us.  So, I tightened his collar a little, put it back on, and off we went.

We were getting out into a more country-side type of road and were about 1/4 to 1/2 mile from where I planned to turn around when I looked down and again only had 3 dogs on leashes.  This time it was Flash that had slipped her collar and she was following 10 or 15 feet behind us.  I stopped and she stopped.  I started walking back toward her and she took off running back towards home.  So, I got everyone turned around and started jogging after her.  She settled down to our pace, and kept looking over her shoulder to make sure that we were still following her, but weren’t going to catch her.

So, we’re jogging along like this when I look down and I only have 2 dogs on leashes.  This time it was Honeybug that slipped her collar.  Flash had seemed to be doing a pretty good job off her leash, running right back the way we came, staying on sidewalks, etc.  But I was worried about Honeybug, because she’s the youngest and most energetic, and of course right away she makes a beeline at a right angle to the way we’re supposed to be going off into someone’s yard.  So, I tied the remaining to dogs with collars on to a stop sign, and go down a side street to see if I can gather up Honeybug.  Meanwhile Flash has noticed we’re not following any more, stops and glares back as if to say “NOW what are you guys doing?!!”  Luckily for me Honeybug just took a quick tour of the yard, came back to the stop sign, took care of some business of her own and let me put her collar back on.

The rest of the trip went off without a hitch, Flash leading the way, but with her safety buffer ever shrinking.

Oh, noes! Weren't there 4 dogs when I left?

I definitely think I wore her out, and all of the dogs did seem uncharacteristically sedate on Christmas.  Ever after that, though, whenever I came in Honeybug would come excitedly up to me checking for a leash.

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