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Snow I

February 8, 2010
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Last Friday, I made a trip to the Lowe’s for a couple of things.  While I was there people were buying salt and snow shovels and talking about snow.  So I thought, “Ah, well, it must be going to snow sometime soon.”  I went about my day, and soon forgot all about snow.  I made myself some chicken for dinner, but when I got it all ready, I realized there was absolutely, positively no way I could eat it without barbecue sauce.  So I went to see if the corner market was still open, and loe and behold, it was snowing and the market was closed.  There was only an inch or two of snow and it was still coming down, but, new snow is the best time for bike riding, if you must go riding in the snow.  So I hopped on my bike and went off to the grocery store.  I had a couple of fish-tailies and spin-outs, but no real problems.  So, I had my dinner and didn’t think too much more about the snow.  I decided that I’d probably better shovel before I went to bed, so that pedestrians wouldn’t pack down a nice ice path I’d have to get rid of.  So I went outside and it was still snowing.  I measured where it piled up on the railing and we had 4.5 inches of snow.

So, the next morning I got up to see how much more it had snowed, and it was still snowing.  I went out and shoveled again, and this time, there was well over a foot of snow.  Then I went for a run, and that was some fun.

Snow on the road.

I ran down to campus and back, and the road had been plowed, but not too recently.  I probably passed 20 or 30 people out walking down the middle of the roads (where I was running as well), and only 2 or 3 cars.  It was pretty warm, and a fairly wet snow.  The only reason it wasn’t an absolutely perfect run was the wind.  But even that didn’t detract too much, and it did make for neat edges on the neighbor’s roof.

Snow on the road, snow on the roof.

It continued snowing until early Saturday evening, and I got to shovel one more time that night.  The Philadelphia Airport (just 7.5 miles from here) officially received 28.5 inches of snow, the second largest ever recorded for Philadelphia.  Here is a picture of the back yard, before it stopped snowing with a foot long ruler stuck in the snow on top of the railing.

Snow on the road, snow on the roof, snow in the backyard, what a wonderful time!

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