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The Roof

February 1, 2010

~December 11, 2008~

Back during last fall/winter (2008/9) David’s room started leaking.  We took down the ceiling tiles and stuck a bucket underneath it and called our home insurer.

Water damage to Dave's ceiling.

So I climbed up into the attic crawlspace…

The roof above Dave's leaking celing was reached through here.

…and inspected the underside of the roof…

Dave's leaking celing was beneath this roof.

…which was wet, soft and a little moldy.  Our insurers actually seemed to do pretty well by us: they paid for the drop ceiling framework to be taken down, cleaned and put back up and for several new tiles.  We of course sponged off the framework let the existing tiles dry out, and put them back up after using the insurance money to help (a wee, tiny little bit) to pay for the roof repairs.

So, last summer (2009) we got some estimates for the repairs, picked the most reasonable one and had them come out to do the repairs.  Of course they got up there, began working and found that the entire roof was shot, not just the part they had quoted us for.  I went up there and the boss/foreman/guy-who-tells-you-how-much-it-will-cost showed me the problem.  He chopped about a 2 inch piece of the roof surface out with an axe, then stepped on the roof next to it and water bubbled out into the hole.  Yikes!  So, of course to tear off and replace the whole roof was going to cost 10 times the estimated amount.  We didn’t have anywhere near that amount of money, so I called Jennifer to see what she thought we should do.  I’m standing on the roof there telling Jennifer about the price, and saying “yeah, I know we don’t have that much money, shall I see if we can refinance the house and get a home improvement loan all at once?” and the boss/forem…(you get the idea) is saying “Well, there is this other way we can do it that is about half as much, and we can give you a deal on that, and we can throw in the repairs that we quoted for the front of the house for the same price.”  Apparently he thought I was trying to get the price down when I was really just trying to figure out how we could pay for the stupid thing.  So we went with the cheaper way and it was still incredibly expensive, but not so bad as it could have been.  And now there is a nice, brandy-new roof up there and Dave’s room doesn’t leak any more.

The new roof, above Dave's ceiling and all the rest of the ceilings in the place.

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