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Potato Poster

February 1, 2010

~December 14, 2009~

For those of you who late last year (2009) were saying “Why is the bathroom not yet completed?” and “Why isn’t the electricity being worked on?” let me tell you, I was not just slacking off.

I got to make a poster for Jennifer to use as a carbon cycle teaching aid for elementary students.  I made zoomed pictures of plant cells of all kinds, then got to draw a picture of a potato plant from which all the cells would spring.  I did all the cells and got them approved, then started on the plant.

I decided that I wanted to do it using gradient meshes, a method that can achieve smooth color transitions but can be zoomed into infinitely without becoming pixelated.  Ideal for a large poster illustration, but I’d never done any original artwork with it and probably quite time consuming.  So, I scheduled my working on it to coincide with Jennifer going to sleep and it just completely slipped my mind to mention it to her efficiency-minded little self.  So I managed to get a good 10 hours of work in on it before she found out what I was doing and it was already starting to look nice.  Here is a close up of the potato flowers.

Gradient mesh illustration of potato flowers.

And here is the underlying construction of the same image.

Construction of gradient mesh illustration of potato flowers.

Overall I’m really pleased with the way the potato plant came out.

Gradient mesh illustration of a potato plant.

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  1. February 4, 2010 5:11 pm

    Sneaky, sneaky. This I did not know!

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