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Dissertation Presentation

February 1, 2010

~December 7, 2009~

So, irregardless of when one defends one’s dissertation at Penn, they only accept final printouts of them right before the next end of semester.  So, since we moved Jennifer to Michigan a couple of days after her defense, its rather a good thing that I’ve stayed behind in Philadelphia.  In fact I planned it just that way, and for that reason alone, not for any other at all.

So, last December (2009) I got to do a little bit of running around for Jennifer.  I gathered and composed some Google Maps and got them print ready as figures for the dissertation.

Map of one of Jennifer's field collection sites.

I printed her final dissertation as updated to reflect the comments from her defense on pretty, textured, watermarked, recycled, cotton, acid free, archival paper.  Then I went and got a final piece of paperwork from the department, had the dissertation signed by her adviser and the graduate chair, and submitted it all to the College.  I had to fill out a couple of questionnaires, but it was all accepted with no problems.  (Not even a ruler, Lori.)

Signed (un)sealed and delivered.

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