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Bathroom Work II

February 1, 2010

~December 12, 2009~

So, last year (2009), with the bathroom floor newly stuck down and the next project I wanted to focus on (electricity) being at the stage of monstrous amounts of work, I decided to try to finish up the bathroom before my Christmas vacation.   The first step was to procure molding to put around the base of the walls to cover the gap between the floor and the walls.  Of course I had only my bicycle and the Lowe’s is right at a mile away, so what was a DIY home improver to do?

Bungy cords make all possible.

Well, make strategic use of bungy cords, and not take any corners too sharply, of course!  Actually it worked out quite well: the trim was light weight, and not too bulky, just awkwardly long.  So, once I got it home I measured the trim…

Measure twice...

…and cut it using the miter box and saw that I had to go back to the Lowe’s to get.

...cut once.

After the trim was all cut and nicely fit, I took it down to the basement to paint.

Putting all the trim back together again looks like a job for all the king's horses and all the king's men.

I dug out some old white paint we had left over from previous projects, shook it up…

For those times when you just don't have a mechanical paint-can-shaker available.

…and painted them, and only them, and not other things around them, and certainly not myself.

Painting the bathroom trim.

Unfortunately,  it took 2 coats to cover the trim, and the second was still drying when I left for Christmas.  So, something left to do resolutely in the new year.


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