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Me slacking off and Dr. Doherty

December 14, 2009

Well, faithful readers, it may have seemed like I’ve been slacking off, laying about and generally doing nothing since I got a hair cut and went to visit Jennifer and Dave in Michigan.  But its just not true!  I’ve been busy, I have.  Just not with updating the blog.  But one of the things I’ve been (successfully) endeavoring to complete before I go visiting for the holidays is uploading many, many pictures to the blog storage space.  So in my forthcoming abundant free time  I’ll be writing some posts of what I’ve been up to.  Clearing out the back-blog, if you will.  So, that is in readines now, but an event so nice occured mere moments ago that I must blog about it presently:

I went down to check the mail today, and what should I find, but this:

First mail addressed to "Dr. Doherty."

First mail addressed to "Dr. Doherty."

It’s the first mail that I’ve received here addressed to Dr. Jennifer Doherty.  It made me feel so proud.  A very happy moment, so congratulations Dr. Jennifer Doherty and thank you Grandma and Tex.

Happy Holidays, all!

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