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Kitchen Work VI

October 4, 2009

~March 28, 2009~

After the kitchen was gutted, the next step was to finish the walls and work on finishing the ceiling.  I don’t seem to have any pictures of this, but Dave and I wirebrushed the brick walls (only after we were about 1/2 way through did it occur to me to get a wire brush attachment for the drill) and started sanding the ceiling beams.  Katie came to visit us and got in on the end of that process, as well as the painting a sealer on the brick walls.  We weren’t able to get done with the ceiling because it has a lot of electrical wires running through it.  When I rewire the house and am able to remove all of them, I’ll finish up sanding them, and put a sealer on them as well.

I must say that the exposing the brick walls was one of the most continually satisfying improvements that we’ve done while here.  First we got to knock the plaster off with hammers (no lathe on those walls), which was kind of fun.  Then the wire brushing made the walls look so much cleaner and you could really see your progress.  And finally, when we put the sealer on it really made the brick pop out from the grout and look nice.


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