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Kitchen Work V

October 3, 2009

~January 30, 2009~

Well, when the ceilings (that’s right I meant that to be plural) and walls beneath which we were exposing brick had been demolished, what we were left with was a big pile of rubble.

And this is only a small portion of the rubble.

And this is only a small portion of the rubble.

So, we bagged it up in big contractor’s trash bags, and I started putting it out with our garbage a bag or two at a time.  I think I only got away with that once or twice before they started just leaving those bags.  So we put all the bags out on the back patio with the cabinets that were too big to fit in the basement.  We figured we would just rent a truck from the local Lowes and take it to the dump.  It might take a few trips spread out over different rentals (the first hour and a quarter of renting the trucks is cheaper than additional time), but that would be fine.  Unfortunately, we discovered that dumps aren’t so convenient and accessible in Philadelphia as they are in rural Oregon.  Dumps near us either wouldn’t accept construction-type debris at all, or only under a contract with them.  The nearest one we could find was 45 minutes away–not good with multiple trips in a rented truck.  So, the pile sat in our back yard for several months until we ended up having to hire a service that sends out a big truck and a couple of guys to load it up.  NOT CHEAP, but it did get rid of a lot of stuff with minimal effort.


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