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Good Running

October 3, 2009

I started up running again, about a month before the Labor Day run.  My running schedule was a bit hampered by THE DISSERTATION and the move, but I did get in a couple of runs in Michigan and that was very nice, and very different.  Then I came back to Philadelphia, had a good Labor Day run, and haven’t stopped running since.  Historically, my “starting to run again” pushes have peaked in the summers, before the Labor Day run, and usually die out quickly thereafter.  I’m usually still able to do alright in the Locust Walk Run (that’s right, I do 2 runs annually : ) at the end of October/beginning of November, but have already stopped running regularly.  This year I’m pretty optimistic that I’m going to keep right on running, and this last week I’ve had some good runs.

For the first time, I went into the Woodlands Cemetery and ran around it.

The Woodlands was originally purchased in 1735 by the famous Philadelphia lawyer Andrew Hamilton.  He built a Georgian style mansion with a grand, two-storied portico and greenhouses containing more than 10,000 different species of plants including plants grown from seeds harvested during Lewis and Clark’s expeditions.  In 1813 much of the estate was sold off for development, and in 1840, The Woodlands Cemetery Company of Philadelphia purchased the last 92 acres , which included the mansion, carriage house, greenhouse and hot houses, as well as extensive plantings.

A very impressive, old cemetery and quite a pleasant place to run.

Yesterday, Steve had some things he wanted me to help him with, so after I was done with that, I did a run from work that I used to do when we lived at 4611 Kingsessing before biking home.  It was rather fun to see the places I used to run.

Today, as I’ve finished putting paneling up in the kitchen for the next bit, I went for a bit longer of a run than my usual 2-3 miles, and when I was done, I also did sit-ups, pull-ups and push-ups.  (Workout names are rather “-up”sy aren’t they?)  So, all-in-all I’m feeling rather good about my day today.

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